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Red Dots

Too many of our fellow community members are being hurt because of power-based violence. Rates of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse are unacceptably high. 

Green Dots

Most of us don't want the next person to be hurt. There are many simple and easy ways to stop violence before it happens and to help change our culture. 


There are lots of reasons why it is hard to intervene in a red dot situation.  The good news is there are lots of options - we have a simple tool called the 3 Ds designed to help everyone find a a green dot that works for them.

Pilot Communities

There are five communities implementing Green Dot in Alaska as part of a program funded by the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  We need you to join the movement!

Green Dot Alaska is a project aimed at engaging individual community members in preventing power-based violence in our communities.  Power-based violence includes domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking, elder abuse, child abuse and bullying.  What we know for sure is that rates of all types of abuse are too high in Alaska - our sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, neighbors and friends are being harmed at alarming rates.  We also know that most people don't want the next rape or act of domestic violence to happen. Our communities are made up of good people who want violence to end but may not know what to do about it or who have valid reasons they don't intervene.  We call these reasons for not intervening "barriers."  We all have barriers and that is ok! Green Dot helps us to discover lots of options for intervening when we see signs of violence (reactive Green Dots) as well as easy ways to begin to change our culture (Proactive Green Dots). We all want communities where violence isn't tolerated and everyone is expected to do their part! We approach this work full of hope and ask you to explore this site or attend a Green Dot event in a community near you to join the movement! You can also visit the national Green Dot, etc. website to read about the history of the program, learn what other states are doing or to order Green Dot gear. 

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